Late September, by Amy Lowell

It’s dark and grey and cold here…a poetry kind of day after I’ve been braving the wind and rain.  Sometimes it’s best to sit down with a hot cup of tea and a poem.  And maybe a fresh honeycrisp apple…mmm…welcome to the first day of autumn.

Late September

Tang of fruitage in the air;

Red boughs bursting everywhere;

Shimmering of seeded grass;

Hooded gentians all a’mass.

Warmth of earth, and cloudless wind

Tearing off the husky rind,

Blowing feathered seeds to fall

By the sun-baked, sheltering wall.

Beech trees in a golden haze;

Hardy sumachs all ablaze,

Glowing through the silver birches.

How that pine tree shouts and lurches!

From the sunny door-jamb high,

Swings the shell of a butterfly.

Scrape of insect violins

Through the stubble shrilly dins.

Every blade’s a minaret

Where a small muezzin’s set,

Loudly calling us to pray

At the miracle of day.

Then the purple-lidded night

Westering comes, her footsteps light

Guided by the radiant boon

Of a sickle-shaped new moon.

– Amy Lowell


5 thoughts on “Late September, by Amy Lowell

  1. A very exact and descriptive poem! Except for here, though yesterday was officially the first day of fall, green summer mostly holds sway, though we are supposed to be a not-so-hot front tomorrow so that the high will only be in the mid to upper 80s instead of mid to upper 90s . Still, there is a change in the light long before the temperature changes, a hard edge to it, missing the softness that come into summer air with all the moisture. Thanks for the lovely poem!

  2. Because . . . I’m not sure why anyone choses to live where there is cold and snow for half of the year! It seems to me that living in a place like that will get into your bones and you would never get warm or comfortable. I know people here complain of the heat, but it I am often cold even in the summer, the air conditioning is at fault. I take a sweater or a shawl everywhere, and love the feel of really dry heat soaking into my bones when I get into a hot car. I know there are people who love the cold and snow, but . . . it’s not something I can understand at all! And . . . we have so many things here for a field biologist to explore . . you like bugs, well, we certainly have them in abundance! You might even find a new species! How’s that for a challenge?

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