The Bold Jumping Spider

You know how I love jumping spidersPhiddipus audax, the bold jumping spider, is a perennial favourite.  I saw two of these guys today and was tickled.

IMG_9696 IMG_9765 IMG_9772



14 thoughts on “The Bold Jumping Spider

  1. Snakes are . . . all right, I used to bring them to the kids occasionally so they could see them, always released back where I found them. but . . . spiders are something else. I won’t go out of my way to kill them, but I am not sanguine about hairy jumping spiders I will tell you! They sort of give me the shivers! I believe it’s the unexpectedness of the idea of . . . jumping . . .on me!

  2. Yesterday the life was scared out of me when, my usually calm and quiet hive partner, Emily, screamed loudly behind me. She was opening an empty hive to get some spare equipment when a giant black spider jumped out. I think this post is great, but I won’t tell Emily!

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