Hercules the Tractor

This is the 1941 Farmall H that I mentioned in my last post…I’ve been using it to rake hay in the field lately.  Ain’t it a beauty?  Being me, of course, I named it Hercules.  When you hit a ground hog hole, the old seat bounces you into the air, and if you push the throttle too far, the engine burps loudly.  It’s got a lot of personality.

My friend dragged it out of hedgerow, where it hadn’t been used in decades.  He filed the points, put in some gas, and he started right up.  It is a tractor that just wants to work.  The sediment bowl is usually half full of rust. He opened up the rear end to add gear lube and 5 gallons of cool clear water ran out.  But it still runs.


Herc, my tractor (actually my friend’s tractor).  I hope I look this good when I’m 73.  I’ll probably end up sitting in a hedgerow for a couple of decades myself.


With hay rake


15 thoughts on “Hercules the Tractor

  1. What a fitting name for such a . . . powerful looking tractor! I will definitely show my age when I say . . . they really don’t make them like that any more ! Now everything up to and including tractors has some kind of electronic gadget inside it. I’m glad the old guy gets a new chance to work, all us old ones should be kept busy!

  2. I had to go see what was highlighted by the “me”! Oh how funny! Our family names . . . well just about everything, but we are very careful to name our cars and trucks nice reliable wholesome names, for the very same reason you should not name your computer . . . Hal ! We’ve had Abbey, the ultra reliable and sweet Toyota, Belle, another Toyota, Tillie, a really huge old station wagon, and a big old Revcon RV named Gus the Bus. The only exception was an ancient VW bug painted about the same color orange as your Hercules, and his name was Fritz because he was always on the . . . . fritz. In that case, his name was simply unavoidable!

    • Ha I love it! Those are great names. Yeah, sometimes the name just leaps out at you and you have no choice but to accept it. All of my bikes have name, from good old Dragon (may he rest in peace), to my current Violet Sabrewing, Ghost the white hybrid, and Roc the mountain bike.

  3. Oh! I want to ride Violet Sabrewing! She sounds delightful! I think Roc might be on the . . . tough side for me, and Ghost . . . I’m not sure about Ghost, but then that’s probably in the nature of the name !

  4. Truly a machine of splendour and wonder, even at that age, and clearly up to the challenge of whichever 12 labours you choose to present him with. Have you used him to cleanse the Augean Stables yet? RH

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