Biking vistas

This past weekend, I did two long-ish rides (~35 mi or 56 km) and I actually brought my camera along. My heavy, heavy camera.

And I fought all my instincts so that I could stop and take a couple of photos of the brilliant jewel-like colours of the hills.


Lots of farm land (you can click on the panoramas to view them larger in your screen)


Lots of hills


A beautiful area


Speaking of hills, look at that one I just biked up…whew


One of my favourite vistas on one of my favourite rides…definitely click on this one!


Look at those colours!

IMG_9893 IMG_9898 IMG_9900




Back on the road…wheeeeeee


6 thoughts on “Biking vistas

  1. I believe you had reason to carry that big heavy camera! These scenes are spectacular, such lovely vistas, the very definition of pastoral or bucolic, just beautiful colors against the fields and the green.

    What are those beautiful purple flowers in the second and third pictures? They are gorgeous. And that yellow ones on the left side of the third photo? Looks like they have big dark leaves and deep spiky yellow flowers.

    I couldn’t manage the hills but I would love to see your fall with all its rich colors~

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