A special shout out and Arts of Joy, by Kevin Stein

Hey a special shout out to my friend over at Brittzinator who just started a blog!  Go check it out and follow her…She’s just starting so there’s not much up now, but you can expect excellent photography (she’s approximately 10,000 times better at photography than I am) and plenty of academic and science-y posts!  Also, she’s a genius! Also, gorgeous.

Arts of Joy

Now I have the Great Crested Flycatcher

amidst my Red Delicious, the tree’s

spindly arm so freighted with apples

it sags under the bird’s bird-weight

then springs at bis departure

like the board just after a diver’s flung up

and gone. Weep weep weep, he trills

from the overgrown fence row,

his three flotes so laden with gravity

I wonder is this song or his lament,

one wing among the green going going?

And that, my friends, is how reason

insinuates its bone lonely self

among the arts of joy— the least of which

is knowing when to snip the string

that tethers us, our sky blue why.

The bird’s after-image is more than

I can take, really, more than I can ask

of Wednesday’s usual desultory coffers,

high noon offering its unspent zenith.

I want to say there’s absolutely nothing

like this vision of bird and apples. I want

to say absolutely nothing else gives

of wings and fruit. Then I think of

nights my wife rose flushed above me —

this, the only store I put in absolutes.

– Kevin Stein


5 thoughts on “A special shout out and Arts of Joy, by Kevin Stein

  1. What you didn’t say in your blurb for your friend’s blog is that she is also a brave lady to go after the life she wants! You can be all kinds of smart and gorgeous, but it avails not much if you don’t have what my Grandma would call gumption and someone who will leave behind family and friends to pursue the life they want has what it takes to make that life work. Kudos to her and her spouse! And that’s one terrific poem as well! Thanks!

  2. You guys are too nice! The blogosphere is so comforting compared to the manuscript reviews (and rejection) I got back this morning– like sitting in a hot tub (academia) and making a run to the main pool (blogs)!

  3. Rejections are all part of the process, yes? Think about poets, they get rejected hundreds of time for each acceptance. Just have to keep plugging along doing your best at doing what you want to do . . .

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