A bad influence

I think I’m a bad influence on my friends and family.

My parents visited recently, and we went for a hike.  Halfway through the hike, my father, who has been anti-bug for my entire life (and possibly also his entire life), stopped in the middle of the trail.

Then he bent over and picked something up.  Then he turned to me and held it out.  “Look at this,” he said.

IMG_0018We here at SOIMF try not to get emotional about these sorts of things.



5 thoughts on “A bad influence

  1. Is that an asp? Hard not to be intrigued by something so spectacularly furry! Such a lovely buttery yellow color. You are not a bad influence, you are just encouraging people to notice things, and bugs are things. I don’t suppose anyone could hike with you and not see something they have never notice before. I am sure that just doesn’t happen!! And kudos to you and your dad!

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