Random hiking photos

I don’t really have enough photographs from any one hike to post a take a hike today, but here is a random collection of shots from some recent hikes.

Autumn colours

Autumn colours





I love these highlights of colour in the forest

I love these highlights of colour in the forest


IMG_0405 IMG_0407

This sunset was gorgeous!

This sunset was gorgeous!


5 thoughts on “Random hiking photos

  1. I love the mushroom! And . . . though I love where I live, we are still not into fall yet and even when we get there, sometime in December, it will not have that glorious look that your fall does! So many rich colors, so many trees that look lovely all bare and branchy! That’s the only thing I really envy about all y’all who live up north, the fall colors!

  2. I have discovered that the most beautiful things seem to be short-lived. Maybe it’s because we know they will not last that adds to their beauty. Or perhaps that’s just what I want to believe. Sort of like . . . have you ever seen the sky when it’s not perfect, though it changes and changes, it’s still perfect every time you look at it!

    • That is true…the sky is beautiful in all its permutations. I’m sure I would not appreciate the fall leaves if they lasted forever, and what makes the spring ephemerals so precious is that they are ephemeral!

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