Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, so I thought I’d post something creepy crawlie…then I realized that I pretty much always post about creepy crawlies.  This is certainly not my favourite holiday (I’m not a fan of gore), but it is fun to be in an Entomology department at this time of year.  We are having a party with the theme of “monstrous bugs”; one of my friends is dressing up as a Zom-bee, and another will be a Killer Bee (in a bee costume with a plastic machine gun).  I’m considering dressing up as an Assassin Bug (in a ninja costume with a proboscis), if I can muster the energy.

It's an ambush bug!

It’s an ambush bug!

Oh I just realized I only like Halloween for the puns!



8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. excellent idea – do it!!!! when’s the last time you saw a great proboscis – its your duty to teach and entertain and stab candy treats! thanks for the smile today- funny – I also posted about insects today- the Caddis fly. have a great evening no matter what you decide- have fun!!! 🙂 mikey

  2. A virus! Viruses are just scary to anyone because everyone is likely to be their target! They just don’t make very interesting . . . costumes Hope you have fun at your party. We have the perfect weather for Halloween, cool, crisp, sunny, with a little bit of a breeze. It doesn’t get much better here for all the spooks, little or big!

    Halloween was always my kids favorite holiday, they are all storytellers at heart. Their costumes, which too mostly a lot of imagination and days of work, all had a story they could tell to go along: one of the boys was Zeus one year, who had any number of stories, my oldest was the ogre from the Ren Faire on drywall stilts with green hair, my daughter went as her favorite . . . a gypsy with lots of gaudy jewelry and tons of brightly colored scarves and a bunch of fortunes of her own devising.

    We don’t get too many trick-or-treaters but it will be fun to see what we get this year. I sometimes miss having any little kids. My only grandchild who lives in Oklahoma will be a skeleton princess this year, in a costume put together by her mom and others who work at the costume shop for the university!

    Hope everyone has fun, all treats and no tricks!

    • Haha you would have loved it! The entire lab down the hall dressed up as different viruses. I had to prevent myself from laughing out loud when I saw the PI dressed up as a huge pink frilly virus with a dead pan serious look on his face.

      Awww those sound like awesome costumes. I love story tellers.

      We didn’t get a single trick or treater!

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