Let the goldfinches fly out of yellow, by Meredith Stricker

I had a rough week, but here’s a poem… Let Goldfinches Fly Out of Yellow wild mustard let the sun rotate as though seeming to circle the earth let rain fall into storm culverts and the blue dragonfly swerve out of blue sky begin to count the beats of your heart then uncount them imitate […]

Excerpts from Becket, by Jean Anouilh

I actually read this play a long time ago, but I often (not always) write down my favourite quotes from the books that I read and I just happened to stumble on my quotes from this play the other day. Becket is a French play written in 1959 about events that occurred in 1170, namely […]

Do you love me… now that I can dance? Birds that can boogey

If you read this blog, it is almost certainly not lost on you that I love insects (particularly bees), but truth be told, I got into ecology because of my love for birds. I still love birds, and I keep a life list (although I’m not a hard core twitcher like some I have known). […]