Don’t bee so annoying

Cute little bumbler on burdock

Cute little bumbler on burdock

It is very fun to pet bumblebees on flowers.

IMG_0609And when they don’t like it, they show it by doing this!


Buzz off!


6 thoughts on “Don’t bee so annoying

  1. You know that song that has the line . . “I talk to the trees but they don’t listen to me” I think you have the same thing here . . . “I pet the bees but they don’t cotton to me!” You might not be bee-having! All in all I would be content to let the bees be!

  2. What a cute bee and how adorable when annoyed! I (very gently) stroked one of my bees last month on a warm autumn day. She liked it – at least she sat on my hand, didn’t sting and didn’t fly away – till she had enough and flew off.

    Amazing photography (as ever). I’m hoping to catch some bumbles to photograph in winter, I’ve heard they’re warm blooded and sometimes forage in snow. Just need to find they’re hangouts now 🙂

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