(Re)Define Sloth

My lab mate’s millipedes escaped this morning and I just had to reshare this old story of mine.


A while back, I worked at a zoo.  I was exploring potential careers, keeping in mind my love for nature and animals, and I had a lot of experience working in equestrian stables with horses, so I thought a zoo would be the logical next step.  I have a lot of conflicting feelings about zoos nowadays, but I did learn a lot from my time there.

For example, I gained my profound distrust of all primates while working at the zoo.  Being rather intelligent creatures, they are stifled by the restricted environs of the zoo and need to find other ways to express themselves when bored.  Mostly, they torture poor zoo interns (such as myself).  While I cleaned adjacent pens, they would grab my braided hair and slam my head into the bars.  Then they would knock off my glasses and, while I bent over to pick them up, they…

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