Broad billed hummingbird (drawing)

Another bird in the favourite bird series! This one is for a friend who only said her favourite bird was a “hummingbird” so I picked the broad billed (since I’ve already drawn the ruby throated for the series).

Broad billed hummingbird (Cynanthus latirostris)

Broad billed hummingbird (Cynanthus latirostris)

I like the bird but I am still struggling with backgrounds.  Can someone tell me how to draw backgrounds?


9 thoughts on “Broad billed hummingbird (drawing)

  1. A lovely drawing! Full of action and energy! There does not seem to be much wrong with your backgrounds. I tell my students, the background is used to showcase the focus of the drawing. It should not take away from that focus, and should add to it if possible. It needs to set the scene the way a plain one-color background cannot. The students are working with ATC, artist trading cards, 2,5 x 3.5 inches, and because the cards are so small they often just want to draw one thing and leave the background white. However, “setting the scene” does help you apprehend the drawing a little better. For this, I might have kept the background the green OR the gold, and moved the flowers a little more to the edge so their strong colors did not distract from the jewel colors of the hummer. You caught the vibrancy of the hummer and its way of attacking the air when hunting for a flower! Nice work!

    • Oohh, thanks for the advice! I’ve never taken a class, so it’s always trial and error. The first birds I drew had no backgrounds but they seem more…comfortable?…if they’re in some sort of context. Live and learn!

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