First foray into paint-Bluebird

So far, all of my art has been with pens, pencils, and coloured pencils.  But my parents found some old acrylic paint in their attic and it was still good, so they gave it to me to use.  Naturally*, I painted a bird.  Now don’t laugh because this is my first attempt!  I kind of had the notion that this would be faster than pencils but it really was not, hahaha.

Still, a very fun medium to play around in.



*Pun intended


12 thoughts on “First foray into paint-Bluebird

  1. Kudos for trying something new! I’ve been afraid to try painting, although it has always been a secret desire. It seemed like a lot of expense just to discover that I’m not very good (been there, done that on other artistic endeavors). And to be honest, I’m busy actualizing my never-a-secret-in-my-face desires. What a great picture, though! Are you going to keep working in this medium?

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