Chinchillas are pretty cute

Pretty cute indeed.  My father’s attempt to ease the pain of the loss of our dog, Josie, was to get a chinchilla for my mother for Christmas.  Though unarguably adorable, the animal is not so cuddly as a puppy.  Still, we are hoping it will help.  My mother named it Yoda.

Excerpts from “The Botany of Desire” by Michael Pollan

I resisted reading this book for a long time because I heard an NPR interview with the author and he sounded…pretentious, I guess I would say.  I don’t like reading sanctimonious books.  But my adviser loaned it to me, and recommended that I read it and I enjoyed it thoroughly in spite of myself.  There […]

Cut Grass, by Philip Larkin

Cut Grass Cut grass lies frail: Brief is the breath Mown stalks exhale. Long, long the death It dies in the white hours Of young-leafed June With chestnut flowers, With hedges snowlike strewn, White lilac bowed, Lost lanes of Queen Anne’s lace, And that high-builded cloud Moving at summer’s pace. -Philip Larkin

Blurred Lines: Aspidoscelis neavesi

There was a song that came out a couple of years ago about the blurred lines of consent, and while I am NOT a fan of the song, I do think that one could write a hilarious parody of it about species concepts.  (We should do more of these biological parodies of popular songs!) I’ve […]

Waterfalls at Watkins Glen

Honestly, this place is just lousy with waterfalls. You’d trip over them every five feet if you weren’t paying attention. Here are some shots from Watkins Glen, which is a locally famous scenic destination. I got there quite late in the evening, so I couldn’t hike all the trails, but I thought these photos were […]

Love for Other Things, by Tom Hennen

Love for Other Things It’s easy to love a deer But try to care about bugs and scrawny trees Love the puddle of lukewarm water From last week’s rain. Leave the mountains alone for now. Also the clear lakes surrounded by pines. People are lined up to admire them. Get close to the things that […]