Farewell to Josephine

Lost our baby tonight, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

Josie posing for the camera

Gonna miss her real bad


20 thoughts on “Farewell to Josephine

  1. Condolences, it’s not an easy thing to go through. But she was clearly a happy and beloved part of your family, so you can take comfort in knowing you gave her the best life possible.

      • I can tell. My uncle died this week. He was in his 80s and mean and bitter. It’s one of life’s cruelties that the mean can live on, but the tender and loving-like JoJo- pass so quickly. I know how hard this can be. My thoughts are with you and your family.

      • Oh I’m sorry…my condolences to you and yours as well. It’s easy to be selfish when I’m hurting. She was so sweet but she did have a long life…I think she was almost 16 and those were all good doggy years. She had a good last day…she went for a walk and then took a nap and went peacefully in her sleep.

    • Yeah we’ve all been sharing memories. She was quite the trouble maker on the side of being sweet. As she got older she refused to eat anything but the best. When mom put dog food in her bowl, she would turn up her nose at it and bark until mom gave her roast chicken.

  2. I’m sorry she is gone but love, even for a short time, seems to beat not loving at all. I’m glad you got to know her. It’s hard to lose someone you love. When I lost my mom, I tried to remember all the ways she loved me and I loved her. It helped some, that and all the love I still had in my life. Hope your memories last a lifetime and your heart heals when it can.

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