The Orchid Room

Flowers for a grey Monday


My friend tends a greenhouse and, while she’s basking on a beach somewhere in California, I’m taking care of it for her!

The downside is that, being me, I accidentally brushed by a cactus on a bench and it rolled down my leg, leaving little spines all the way down.

The upside is…plants!  Here are some shots of the orchid room.

Appalachian Sunset Appalachian Sunset (genus Phragmipedium)

Phalaenopsis hybridaPhalaenopsis hybrida (moth orchid)

Brassia caudataBrassia caudata

Brassia chloropsBrassia chlorops

A Platathera I think, but the name on the tag was rubbed off A Platathera I think, but the name on the tag was rubbed off


Phrag caracinumPhragmipedium caracinum

Lycaste aromaticaLycaste aromatica

Lycaste consobrinaLycaste consobrina

SchlimiiPhragmipedium schlimii

Epidendrum Plastic DollEpidendrum Plastic Doll


Saint's Apprentice (Phragmipedium lann) Saint’s Apprentice (Phragmipedium)

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2 thoughts on “The Orchid Room

  1. Orchids continually surprise me, they often look more like exotic insects than flowers. There are some lovely ones in your photos. That first one. . .kind of yellow and orangey red, and the Brassia chlorops which remind me of ballerinas leaping, are just spectacular! Thanks for sharing such beauty!

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