Summer Palace

Still going through archival posts to make more room for new material…

More images from my trip to China!

In this case, we had a very nice tour of the Summer Palace, which was home to the infamous Empress, Ci Xi. My feelings about her are effectively summarised by this paragraph on her Wikipedia page:

“Historians both in China and abroad have generally portrayed her as a despot and villain responsible for the fall of the [Qing] Dynasty, while others have suggested that her opponents among the reformers succeeded in making her a scapegoat for problems beyond her control, that she stepped in to prevent disorder, that she was no more ruthless than other rulers, and that she was even an effective if reluctant reformer in the last years of her life.”

This was my second favourite place in Beijing, after the Great Wall.



sunset on the lake at the Summer Palace

IMG_8056 IMG_8060 IMG_8066IMG_8068

There is so much detail in everything! Every beam and pillar is painted in exquisite detail.


The threshholds in the doorways are to prevent zombies from entering (because zombies can’t bend their knees). The higher the threshhold, the more important the building!

This looks like Virginia Creeper to me, but I have no way of knowing if it is the same species.

IMG_8089 IMG_8090 IMG_8095 IMG_8100 IMG_8107 IMG_8117 IMG_8120


The light at sunset was so beautiful.



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