Chickens are actually dinosaurs

Well, all birds are dinosaurs.  But some birds really do a good job of playing the part, like my cassowary and now, my chickens.

I love chickens.

Chickens are fascinating.  I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking, “Chickens aren’t fascinating!  They are dumb!” but that’s where you’re wrong!

Okay, maybe chickens are dumb, but they are still interesting!

Chickens are the domesticated version of junglefowl, which are native to Asia.  Nowadays, people think that chickens were domesticated not because of meat or egg production, but because people like to make them fight.

Who me? Fight?

For me, the really interesting thing about chickens is that they, and other fowl of the family Phasianidae, respond to the predation of their eggs by producing more eggs.  Which is to say, if you remove an egg each day, most chickens will lay another egg to replace it, pretty much forever.

Whaaatt are you doing to my eggs?

The whole family of Phasianidae (to which chickens belong) and indeed the entire order Galliformes, is ancient.  In fact, it is now thought that some early Galliformes roamed the Earth at the same time as T. rex.  How is that for an illustrious heritage?

“I am a dinosaur!”


10 thoughts on “Chickens are actually dinosaurs

  1. I love that birds are dinosaurs. I found out a year or so ago and now, every time I see a bird, I think “hello dinosaur!” It amazes me too that they figured out what colour one feathered dinosaur-bird was. It’s so much more interesting than the muddy greens, browns and oranges the tv shows made them out to be when I was little. 🙂

  2. Dinos are reptiles cold blooded three chambered hearts slow moving lacking hair or fur dinos with feathers are questionable what they may be categorizing as dinos with feathers may actually be birds already since birds did exist at same time as dinos and birds are warm blooded four chambered hearts and they brood their young with their own bodies dinos used thermo mounds i am reminding people this because sciectists who claim bird are dino have alot to lose if they dont promote it they would have to admit much of what thought was true is not their time lines are probably off and much of spreculation how they died off is speculation and imagination and wishful thinking i prefer to say prehistoric animals existed their general size and shape, how they lived what they did etc is all personal interpretation of the data

  3. My mother has backyard chickens that roam her yard and one of them, nicknamed ‘Ms. Cluck’, has figured out how to open doors! Mama locks them up in the coop at night, but she has learned how to open the latch from the inside with her beak through a hole in the side, letting loose the flock and instigating a frantic chicken chase at 1AM. Clever girl…

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