On Blog Ego, and Space

I come from a military family and am quite used to moving from place to place.  As a hopeless itinerant, I’ve lived out of my car for months at a time, and I know well the value of space.  If my entire life can’t fit in my car, I have too many things!

Indeed, gifts are stressful to me because they often take up space, that oh so valuable commodity.  My grandmother once bought me a toaster oven as a graduation gift at a time when I was living out of my car and it took effort for me to be grateful for it.  (What was I supposed to do with a toaster oven?!)

This attitude is starkly in contrast with some of my friends, mainly those who have lived in the same place for the entire lives…some whose parents have lived in the same house THEIR entire lives, and their grandparents before them.

I was helping a friend to clean out his barn last weekend; the barn has been in his family for several generations, and it is full to the rafters with just…stuff.  Fascinating stuff, some of which should be in a museum, much of which holds sentimental memories for him, but all of which, to me, is too much.

So, one would think that I’d have a great mastery of this sense of space.  But I have come to realize that I am quite careless with space when it comes to this blog.  I am ready and willing to put dozens of photos of a hike in a single post.  I realize, as I reach the limits of this space, that this habit is not only leading to a problem (where I can’t post any more photos because I am out of space), but also that I should check my blogging ego at the door.

By blogging ego, I mean that I should check the assumption that visitors to this space should want to see five million photos of a day of hiking (or a particularly cute bee), all in full resolution.

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to be more careful about how I use the space here, to clean and reduce old posts, and remove lower quality photographs from my site.  Hopefully, this will make it a more enjoyable place for people to visit!

Spring cleaning, internet style.


8 thoughts on “On Blog Ego, and Space

  1. Although I did it for other reasons, I just upped my account to a business account – unlimited premium themes and unlimited storage. (Just an idea.) BTW, I love your many photos but have also learned to pare back, just because they take so much time to load. I change the theme on my blog. If you have time, check it out and let me know if it is too sparse or if it is OK. I”m not sure how I feel about it. Last time I changed, you were the only one to notice. Thanks so much for being one of my favorite bloggers!!

    • I’m realizing as I’m paring down that one of my favourite things about blogging is just being able to put up whatever I feel like. I keep it pseudonymous so I don’t have to worry what people think…I love being able to toss up dozens of photos. At the same time, because the blog is just for fun I have trouble justifying a large investment.

      • Yes, this was my first year to pay money for a theme. Once I did it for my business website, it got easier to do it for my blog. Now I see how much easier it was to get the effect I wanted with a premium theme, I realize it was good money. And I wanted something that would work with all platforms (like ancient Internet Explorer — for my mom) and screen sizes. But I totally understand why you don’t want to pay. I just hate to see your pictures go….

  2. A sad camera should be avoided at all costs! Is there a harm in paying for the memory you need? I figure as much as they give me, I can give them some in return (no free lunch). Don’t worry, we won’t take you any more seriously if you pay or if you don’t! I just don’t want to leave any bees or creatures on the cutting room floor — and I know how much more I enjoy time outside when I appreciate the beauty I see through the lens of my camera. I don’t want to see that diminished for you. On the other hand, narrowing the many good to the best doesn’t hurt on download time, either!

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