Bedewed spiderweb

This is an experiment!  I’m attempting an external host for some of my photos. Let me know if you have trouble viewing any of them. You have to click on them if you want to view them in their full glory. I don’t really like how small they look, but I’m working on it. (let me know if you have any insights)

These are some photos from the summer.  Like a jeweled necklace…








10 thoughts on “Bedewed spiderweb

  1. Ah, just a thought, if you want the details of the webs shown larger? Open pics in or Photoshop (or perhaps there are other free online programmes that will do this too) then zoom in on the detail you’d like, crop the picture to the right ratio and resize. You’ll have an image then that shows the larger details on your blog.

      • It might depend on your blog template although sometimes when I import images I notice it default to small size when inserting into the post and I have to change it to large or original. Good luck with it!

      • I see those options when I upload a photo, but photos from flickr are embedded in the text instead of uploaded. That means they don’t take up much blog space but I also can’t figure out how to modify the size. I have some ideas though!

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