Dam sunset and a story

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For one day this weekend, we had a brief warm spell and the temperatures got above freezing for the first time in a while. It rained heavily and everything was slush and mud. I just couldn’t bear to be indoors while it was warm, so that evening I went for a walk to one of my favourite nearby overlooks.


The overlook is on the edge of a cliff which drops off to a reservoir. On the opposite hill, some distance away, there is a college.


As I stepped out to the overlook, I realized that I would have to be very careful of my footing. Beneath a few centimeters of mud, the ground was frozen solid, and the mud on top of it was sliding with every step I took to approach the cliff.


But the view was amazing! Because of the rapid change in temperature, a heavy fog was coiling up from the water of the reservoir, and the sun was beginning to set. Fantastic! I thought, snapping a few photos.


Suddenly, I was struck by the need to photograph the reservoir from the opposite side as the sun sank behind the hill. There was certainly no time to get back to the road and then double back to the other side of the reservoir. The fastest way to get there…was straight down.


I spent just a moment considering whether I wanted to charge down a sheer cliff covered in slick mud covering ice, and then decided I just couldn’t resist. I slung my camera onto my back, over my shoulder, and held onto a root, swinging out over the edge with both feet sliding and scratching at the mud.


Through a combination of scrambling boots, convenient branches and roots, and hands deep in the mud, I managed to reach the bottom of the cliff with only a minor whack to my knee. It was then that I remembered that I would have to cross a pipe that jutted out precariously over a gorge to get to the other side of the reservoir…with my boots caked in thick, freezing mud.



Well, clearly I survived, though I returned home covered in mud from my feet to my knees and from my hands to my elbows (and a good deal on my rear as well, I must admit). And I brought you these photos to share!


So worth it.


13 thoughts on “Dam sunset and a story

  1. Wow! Gorgeous photos! But cold frozen mud, slush, wetness . . . I’m sure I wouldn’t have been brave enough to attempt that descent! You certainly have a lot of . . . determination and grit, and not just the muddy kind either! The fog pictures are amazing. Thanks for all your . . . effort in bringing us such loveliness!

  2. Oh my word! That is such a gorgeous landscape, but also oh my you are wonderfully barmy! Thank you for going to such muddy lengths to bring us these gorgeous pictures.

  3. Sounds exactly like the kind of thing I would do. It’s funny how the thrill of being out there makes you do crazy stuff. Glad you had such a fun adventure–and that you had your camera with you. Thanks!

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