Night walk in the glow

Last year, I wrote many posts with night photography (here are a couple of examples: 1, 2, 3, 4).  Somehow the vast majority of my night photography happens in the winter, probably because the nights are longer.  This does create a challenge, though, because keeping the camera steady for long exposures while it’s very cold is difficult.  (No shivering allowed!)  Tripods are great when you have them, and when you don’t…a lesson in zen.

A friend and I went for a night walk a couple of weeks ago when there was heavy cloud cover, a lot of snow on the ground, and a very fine, freezing mist in the air. The lights from the city, and especially from the greenhouses, lit up a nearby arboretum on campus.  It was amazing to walk around in that…it was not bright like day, but not dark like night.  An in between.  I hope these photos do it some justice!
The greenhouses that produce enough light to make reading the informational signs in the arboretum possible.

Paint by cars!

The water tower looked like something out of a sci fi story.

Eerie ski tracks


Coloured lights produce interesting glows


Greenhouses lighting up the sky from a distance

Almost light enough to photograph these trees…we decided to try a flash, which then revealed…

Tada! The air is full of these invisible crystals that reflected the light of the flash. That’s why everything was so well lit!

Obligatory Rascal shot

Sparkles…you should have seen it yourself. Every time the flash went off, the whole world sparkled!


7 thoughts on “Night walk in the glow

  1. Whoa! What an amazing look at the world, a world far from here both in geography and climate! The greenhouses look like they are on fire! I love that your flash caught the invisible sparkles. I think we often walk through a world of invisible beauty until just the right light shines down on it, actual light, or the light of notice, of attention! You certainly do pay a lot of attention to the loveliness of the world.

    The invisible sparkles reminded me of a poem I read years ago of how space is filled with invisible diamonds, some as small as nanoparticles, some included in meteorites that fell to earth. And I was fascinated by that weird fact, that something so unexpected should be discovered and make our idea of the cold dark vastness of space light up!

  2. Those “ice crystals that reflect light” sure look a lot like orbs. I see fairies and nature spirits as orbs….. I’m sure there wouldn’t be any of those in the woods! Ha, ha! Thanks for the scientific take on that!

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