Extract from the “Art of Birds”, by Pablo Neruda

Also see his poems Ode to the Apple and Oh Earth Wait for me.

Extracted from “Art of Birds”

“… A people’s poet,

provincial and birder,

I’ve wandered the world in search of life:

bird by bird I’ve come to know the earth:

discovered where fire flames aloft:

the expenditure of energy

and my disinterestedness were rewarded,

even though no one paid me for it,

because I received those wings in my soul

and immobility never held me down.”

– Pablo Neruda


8 thoughts on “Extract from the “Art of Birds”, by Pablo Neruda

  1. One of my very favorite poets! His odes are often a startling and unique way of experiencing something ordinary, and a I am real fan of all the ordinary beauty in this world! One of my favorite stories about Neruda is that when he was a boy, living in isolation far out in the country he saw a hand of another child poking through a hole in the wooden fence around his place. He could not see the other child and they never spoke but he passed a toy sheep on wheels through the hole and got back a huge fragrant pine cone! Something of the earth, intricate and beautiful. He goes on to say he kept the pine cone for years, but also looked for another sheep like the one he gave away but never found one. From such small exchanges often come things that mark us for years, that enrich our lives and connect us to others. I like to think poetry is one such thing and your writing and sharing such unique views of the world is another.

  2. Reblogged this on NavasolaNature and commented:
    Just came across this and back in Spain with the birds and the Spanish Language and my first year of blogging. Thank you for all the amazing connections we make all you bloggers out there and especially those who want to help in the conservation of this beautiful planet. Me gusta mucho las obras de Pablo Neruda, muy profondo. And I love the birds and have just bought bird seed to attract the wild ones so I can see more of them! Might work. Might not!

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