Changing colours

I was going over the botanical reference library that I collected last year and stumbled across something hilarious.

This is what my skin looks like in early May.

Black Medic

Black Medic

And this is what my skin looks like mid summer (July).

IMG_6001Every year I change colours like the trees…in summer my skin gets darker and my hair gets lighter, and in winter my skin gets lighter and my hair gets darker!


4 thoughts on “Changing colours

  1. What you thought you were immune to the changing of the seasons? My hair went through the same progression, lighter in the summer, darker in the winter, now it’s not so noticeable all the hair being . . . white! But you do tan very nicely for having so fair a thumb in May ! I sat out in the sun at lunch yesterday and it was so warm I wondered if it were possible to get sunburned in January! But, since I am not red this morning, I must have escaped, just an good dose of Vitamin D, which I seem to lack !

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