Ode to a Squirrel, by Yousef Komunyakaa

Ode to a Squirrel

Good you can’t hear

The stories & jibes inside

My sleepy head, as someone

Jokes about squirrel pie

From four decades ago

Somewhere in Louisiana or Big

Thicket. Tonight, on the roof

Here in Princeton, you work

Around the clock. Early

October, back & forth

With a stash of acorns.

You tapdance on the gutter screen,

Shimmy up to the highest pitch

& overhang below a crescent moon,

& then one of those great leaps

For the same tortured branch.

– Yusef Komunyakaa


6 thoughts on “Ode to a Squirrel, by Yousef Komunyakaa

  1. Oh, the squirrels, the clowns of the backyard! We have one who loves to tease the cats, making them chase him into smaller and smaller branches until they slip and scrabble down or have to carefully back down until there is room for them to turn around . And there is no good way to keep them from any feeder you might have, they are genius at getting into them! And they will fight over a couple of pecans when the whole yard is littered with them Squirrels make me smile!

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