The Springs of Saratoga Springs

I was speaking at a conference in Saratoga Springs, NY this past weekend, and while I was there I did a little exploring. A friend of mine had been raving about the natural spring water which gave Saratoga Springs its name; supposedly, the water had healing and restorative properties. “We have to try the water,” he insisted.

Frozen spring

It’s also a beautiful town to wander around in. The sunset illuminated these lamp posts quite nicely, if I don’t say so myself.



So we decided to try the water, which flows from a number of public springs around town.

A very old spring! Bubbling* with excitement, we filled my empty water bottle with it. He took a big swig, then made a face.

So I promptly took a big swig, and also made a face (you know me, I had to try!). Naturally**, the water tasted mostly of rusty old pipes and metal. We agreed that it was hard to imagine that was good for your body and wandered on.





This one was naturally carbonated. As we approached, it smelled of sulphur. Not a good sign. We filled up my bottle again and each took a swig. I immediately turned and spat it out again. BLEH. My friend held out a while longer, firm in his belief of the healing powers of the water. He even took a second swig. Then it became unbearable and he spat that out too.

Ah, Saratoga Springs, thanks for the life experience if not the water.

*Pun intended
**See above


12 thoughts on “The Springs of Saratoga Springs

      • Next time you come, try a mineral bath at the Roosevelt Baths and Spa. It’s a walk back in time and a fabulous way to warm your bones in winter. Have a read about the different springs. They all have different properties and the history is great. The majority of people I know do not regularly drink from the mineral springs. That said, there is almost always a line to fill jugs at the springs in the state park. Crystal clear and no mineral taste. It is quite amusing to see visitors at the mineral springs. 😉

  1. A lovely old-fashioned town even if the water doesn’t live up to expectations! The picture of the ducks really showed of their vibrant colors, and your photo of the street lamp illuminated by the sun was terrific! Since I am teaching a class on Time this section, I was glad you included the picture of the clock. I had been explaining about town clocks to the class who couldn’t imagine how important the town clock was to ordinary people at a time when . . . time was not available to everyone. Church bell and town clocks ! You did not mention what you were speaking about? Did you learn anything intriguing from other speakers?

    • Town clocks are really pretty! I was speaking about bees of course! I didn’t attend many other talks, it was a rushed trip. I didn’t get any time off of work for it, and it was a four hour drive each way, haha.

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