Wizards, by Alfred Noyes

I’m on a poetry kick…I’m not even gonna apologize. Wizards There’s many a proud wizard in Araby and Egypt Can read the silver writing of the stars as they run; And many a dark gypsy, with a pheasant in his knapsack, Has gathered more by moonshine than wiser men have won; But I know a […]

Photos from the Feeder: Sparrows Edition

I’ve only seen two species of sparrow at this particular feeder…white-throated sparrows and tree sparrows. I don’t really have any good photos of the tree sparrow, but I threw in a couple for fun. ‘Cause I’m all about the fun. I just love how cross these guys look from the front. Is that…blood on his […]

Photos from the Feeder: Cardinal Edition

These cardinals are just SO RED in the middle of winter. I first really fell for the cardinal one winter when I was living in Ohio…we had just had a big blizzard that dropped 6 ft (1.8 m) of snow in a single storm, and I was forced to run indoors, on the dreaded treadmill. […]

Photos from the Feeder: Chickadee Edition

Ah yes, the chickadee…one of my favourite birds and who could not love this little rambunctious character?! Even in the dead of winter, the song of the chickadee rings out, “Hey Sweetie!” (Or “Cheezburger!” for you heretics.) Chickadees are often hard to photograph on the feeder because they like to snatch up a seed and […]

Though Difficult, it is Possible to Kill Boxelder Bugs, By Bill Holm

Love this poem. Though Difficult, it is Possible to Kill Boxelder Bugs.  If You are Interested, You Might try This Method Take two bricks. Creep deliberately up Behind the boxelder bug, Being careful not to sing – This will alert him. In a graceful flowing gesture, Something like a golf swing Or reaching for your […]