Fun and Interesting Links

I realized that I have quite a few things building up that I wanted to share, and I enjoy link posts by other bloggers, so here’s one of my own!

1)  Women having a terrible time at parties:

2) Cool findings on how wind borne seeds disperse; “Subtleties in Dispersal Ecology”:

3)  The Myth of the Lazy Professor:

4)  A really good post on why all science is wrong:

“Science is always wrong. It is doomed to always chase a deeper truth without any hope of ever reaching it. This may sound bleak but it truly isn’t. Being wrong is inherent to the process. This is what makes science exciting.”

Which is similar to my post on modeling

5)  The most read (and massively controversial) manuscript of 2014 “Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks” (or “Does Facebook make you sad?”):

6)  Depressing news about the relationship between agricultural intensification and bee declines in Europe; “Extinctions of aculeate pollinators in Britain and the role of large-scale agricultural changes”:

(And the layman’s version here:


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