Photos from the feeder: Blue Jays

I love Blue Jays, but remember, they’re not actually blue!  Nonetheless, here’s the soundtrack for this post.


Such a bright bit of colour in the wintry mix of greys and whites.


Who’s a handsome corvid?!


A great look at the feather patterns on their head.


You can never have too many Blue Jay photos…







This one is my favourite.




I’m blue




5 thoughts on “Photos from the feeder: Blue Jays

  1. We have the blue jays, and you know, I hate to say it, but they are blue, really truly blue. The males look like a piece of the spring sky fluttering to earth to leaf out my bare trees. We have a lady blue jay, we think she’s a lady, that has been furious with the world for days now, sitting in the crepe myrtle just screaming at everyone, squirrels, people, cats. Yesterday she did not sound quite so furious but still not happy. The blue jays are the one bird I can count on seeing just about every morning, and here lately the vultures and the crows. You took some really terrific photos, I especially like the one you labeled, I’m blue!

    • Well, they LOOK blue, but they don’t actually have any blue pigment in them! The appearance of blue is structural colouration and has to do with the way the light refracts. I wrote a post on it if you want to click on that link. 🙂

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