Art Advice Needed


I drew this bird

It's a Great Crested Flycatcher

It’s a Great Crested Flycatcher

But now I can’t decide whether I should colour in the background or not.  Last time I drew a bird (see here), the general consensus was that the background overpowered the bird and was too noisy.

But it looks a little weird floating in space.  So what do you think?  A light blue background? A pale green?  An actual landscape?

ALSO, does it need any inks?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!!

Thanks and yours truly,



24 thoughts on “Art Advice Needed

  1. I think a light, grayscale background would look very nice. It would give the piece some depth as well as make the colorful foreground really pop. I think inking would also help define the subject, especially if you decide to do a background. This is very beautiful piece! You’ve inspired me to dig out my own coloured pencils!

  2. My friend who is an artist and art teacher does a background first and leaves some white for where the centre piece drawing or painting might be. Great bird and I must get started on drawing birds because I am never going to capture them on camera!

  3. That is a very delicate lovely drawing. I like it fine just the way it is, the flycatcher (?) is the focus and the sharp bright green of the leaves only makes his feathers looks softer and deeper. I love the detail on that little branch he is sitting on! That it and the leaves are so sharp, makes the bird look almost like it was caught in motion at the moment of landing, that little bit of softness. Also, catching him looking out of the frame, looking at something beyond what we see makes the drawing expand. Bravo!

  4. From my authoritative artistic position as a leading drawer of Stickmen and Solar Studies (the yellow crayon blobs radiating yellow rays) I say leave it as it is. The present background suits the bird very well. It’s even a bit chinesey. Some colours will distract & detract from the bird. The only improvement I’d suggest is a yellow sun top centre, and a tiny stickman looking up at the bird, bottom left. Hope that helps. RH

      • You flatter me. I don’t create art, I capture reality! I can’t change the unsightly background, I can only turn elsewhere. My only creativity is in what I select. You have so many choices as an artist!! Is it possible to do a watercolor background rather than pencil? Then a bold blue sky behind your bird would set her off rather than distract with pencil
        Marks…. I don’t even know if it works that way.

      • Photography is an art! All art is inspired by nature. The problem with drawing is that there are too many options sometimes haha…I don’t know how to do watercolours, and I’d be nervous to start on a finished drawing, but that does sound lovely!

      • I don’t know either. I remember buying my daughter some colored art pencils that can be used with water, as you choose. She’s done some nice things with them, given her age.

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