Wintry World

We’ve had quite the snowy winter up here in the north and, knowing some of my visitors are from warmer and less snowy climes, I thought I would share our wintry world.


The walls on either side of the path get higher all the time.


Dawn on a beautiful frosty day…all the trees were frosted with a powdery sugar like snow.


Everything is white!


The snow has been hanging around for a while and it looks like it will be a long time before it melts.



You can find colour, but you have to go looking.




Our waterfalls are all freezing over.


Some of these photos look black and white!




Looks kind of dystopian, haha


6 thoughts on “Wintry World

  1. Oh, I get the shivers just looking at all that snow! And waterfalls freezing! You know it has to have been really cold for a really long time for that to happen! And yes, if they were all in color, some look black and white, but some of the images were pretty. The snow in the pine needles, the pristine expanse of snow in the photo just after the pine needle one, those were lovely photos. In the first two, it just looks dark and cold and kind of scary with so much snow piled up.

    I will tell you that yesterday when I went out with my sister for lunch, we saw redbud trees blooming in yards and in the median. There were a few early blooming trees with white flowers as well, some kind of ornamental fruit tree. And my maple is positively enveloped in the deep cheery red of its blooms, with some of the early branches already edging toward seeds. It may not look like it where you are, but . . . spring is on its way!

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