Another arboretum night hike

One of the cool* things about winter is that the snow and heavy cloud cover tend to bounce a lot of light back and forth, making it possible to hike in the middle of the night without bringing any sort of headlamp or torch. This is particularly true near human light sources. The glow from cities (something my friend and I affectionately call an “aurora”) is bright enough to be seen miles away.

This is especially true near the university where I work. I posted once before about the way that the lights from the nearby greenhouses illuminate the arboretum on campus. On this particular night, there was also a football game in progress, meaning the lights from the stadium were on.  This led to interesting and colourful auroras, and a lovely, diffusely illuminated, night hike.

This panorama gives you an idea of how localized the auroras are. The golden hue is the light from the greenhouses.


The cold, bluer light is from the stadium.




The light from the stadium concentrated directly overhead.


The competing golden glow from the greenhouses. (Hey!  Alliteration!)

*Pun intended


4 thoughts on “Another arboretum night hike

  1. We live close enough to the new facility the port of Houston built to be the “beneficiary” of their . . . auroras. Unless it’s a very clear night, we don’t get dark any more, and even then there is still some spillover that does not need to be reflected by cloud cover. Since this is Houston, or close enough, we are cloudy a good percentage of the time, and I miss having darkness at night.

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