Wizards, by Alfred Noyes

I’m on a poetry kick…I’m not even gonna apologize.


There’s many a proud wizard in Araby and Egypt

Can read the silver writing of the stars as they run;

And many a dark gypsy, with a pheasant in his knapsack,

Has gathered more by moonshine than wiser men have won;

But I know a Wizardry

Can take a buried acorn

And whisper forests out of it, to tower against the sun.

There’s many a magician in Bagdad and Benares

Can read you for a penny – what your future is to be;

And a flock of crazy prophets that by staring at a crystal

Can fill it with more fancies than there’s herring in the sea;

But I know a Wizardry

Can break a freckled egg-shell

And shake a thrush out of it, in every hawthorn tree.

There’s many a crafty alchemist in Mecca and Jerusalem;

And Michael Scott and Merlin were reckoned to be wise;

But I know a wizardry

Can take a wisp of sun-fire

And round it to a planet, and roll it through the skies,

With cities, and sea ports, and little shining windows,

And hedge-rows and gardens, and loving human eyes.

–  Alfred Noyes


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