Short Eared Owls (and Northern Harriers, and a Snowy Owl)

The other day, I received a notice that someone had seen a snowy owl about 45 minutes away. That evening, after work, a friend and I peeled out in search of the owl.  I hadn’t seen one since the previous winter, and I was excited (and pretty annoying, I’m afraid).  My friend, luckily, has angelic […]

Long Point State Park

A teeny park in upstate New York, on Cayuga Lake. It was a spectacularly beautiful evening, including an amazing sunset. Colourful sunset. The lake looked like glass. Maybe painted glass… This is a gazebo in the park proper. I love Willow trees. DUCK! GOOSE! Geese! Gooses! (by the thousands) I couldn’t get over how much […]

Spider Venom as a Bee-Friendly Pesticide?

Given the negative impacts conventional pesticides are thought to have on bees, many people are eager to find an alternative way to control pest populations. One study that piqued some interest last summer was that a peptide in spider venom could be a bee-friendly pesticide (Nakasu et al 2014). This “biopesticide” uses a peptide from […]

Merlin (drawing)

Another bird for my Favourite Bird Series, for a friend’s birthday.  The Merlin is a species of falcon that is distributed in the holarctic. It is a very effective hunter of birds.  A blogging friend of mine recently wrote a lovely post about them; you can check it out here: The bird, twigs, and […]

Cacoëthes Scribendi, by Oliver Wendell Holmes

This poem spoke to me.  🙂 Cacoëthes Scribendi IF all the trees in all the woods were men; And each and every blade of grass a pen; If every leaf on every shrub and tree Turned to a sheet of foolscap; every sea Were changed to ink, and all earth’s living tribes Had nothing else […]