The updated Flycatcher

Perhaps I should not have been surprised, but I received a mix of different opinions when I asked for art advice a little while ago.  With comments split down the middle about whether I should put a background to the drawing, or leave it alone, I needed a tie breaker. I emailed the drawing to my mother, and let her word be law, naturally. She wanted a watercolour background and so I gave it a try.  I have no experience with watercolour, but I did a simple blue wash in the background.

I like the way it turned out, but I ran into a couple of hurdles, the biggest of which was that the paper warped where the water touched it.  Once I got that wrinkle ironed out*, I added a little ink to highlight the bird and make it stand out. I scanned it and so you can tell me whether I made a horrible mistake or not.

It's a Great Crested Flycatcher




Thanks for all your help!


9 thoughts on “The updated Flycatcher

  1. Well, I can sort of tell how you feel about it, having left no vote for the original . The blue color makes the bird look lighter all over, and the yellow brighter. I like how you made the blue darker at the top and sort of a fade down to the bottom, gives it interest and draws the eye to the brightness of the bird. Still, I favor the original because it was more subtle and all of a feel. The blue almost shines a light on the whole picture, making the light patch on its neck brighter but looking less detailed. All over the original bird has a lot more . . . crispness, darker brown on the feathers and head. The trouble is all that could be from different light when you take the pictures, that’s why it’s hard to tell. You did not ruin it, it’s lovely either way, I just prefer the simpler background. That’s what makes it art, yes?

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