St. Bernardinal

If you haven’t seen my infamous dird drawings before, you may want to catch up with the Red Winged Black Lab and the Chickahuahuadee. The short story behind these admittedly weird drawings is that I have a very dear friend who finds them hilarious, and another friend whose brain is perfectly suited to generating them. All I have to do is translate my friend’s ideas into reality and then send them to my friend who loves them.

It’s almost like they draw themselves.

Anyway, normally I work with coloured pencils, but I was playing around with watercolours because of this drawing, and my flatmate gave me some watercolour paper, so the time seemed right to try out a watercolour bird (indeed, my parents had even recently dumped some old watercolour paints they found in the attic on my lap).

And, naturally, the first thing I painted was a dird, the idea of which came out of my friend’s brain.  (He’s amazing, I asked for some dird ideas, and he just started spouting a list of bird-dog combinations.)  It’s pretty rough, but not too bad for a first shot, eh?*

It's a St. Bernardinal!

It’s a St. Bernardinal!

(Sorry, I’ve decided I’m Canadian now.)


7 thoughts on “St. Bernardinal

  1. Okay, you have to tilt your brain at just the right angle to be able to fully appreciate that combination! I’m surprise by how well you made the two fit together. There is something weird in how the cheerfulness of the cardinal works well with the normally affectionate St. Bernard, to say nothing of the juxtaposition of the two names! Clever!

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