Another Blue Jay Drawing

Why is everyone’s favourite bird the blue jay?!?!  Oh, right, it’s beautiful.  I drew this bird for my sister’s birthday (which is today, Friday the 13th is a lucky day in my family!).

So a couple of things about this drawing…the bird is in coloured pencils, the background is watercolour, and I have mixed feelings about this mixed media.  Why are backgrounds so hard?!?!  I’ve gotten in trouble before for my backgrounds, yet leaving a bird hanging in open air makes it feel so unfinished.

Also, now that I look at this bird, its head is way too big for its body.  Drat.

My favourite part of this drawing is actually the log the bird is posing on and that was coloured pencil with watercolours on top.  Hmm….

Cyanocitta cristata

Cyanocitta cristata

Somebody teach me how to do proper backgrounds!!!

8 thoughts on “Another Blue Jay Drawing

  1. Beautifully done! No, I don’t think the head is too large. He looks a bit fluffed up, like they do when they’re cold. Also, I like the watercolored background! But yes, the stump looks really good. The jay looks really good! Do you have cardinals up where you live? They are my father’s favorite bird, and we used to see them sometimes when we visited central Texas. A cardinal might give the color-pop people crave and give you something new to draw.

  2. Blue jays, even though they are not blue, have to be colored blue ! My favorite part of that drawing is how you caught the foot holding on in such detail and the soft white feathers of the leg, and the tiny little feathers of its crest! You have a nice eye for detail! Your sister will be glad to get such a lovely personal gift!

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