Greetings to Spring (Not without Trepidation), by Robert Lax

Greeting to Spring (Not Without Trepidation)

Over the back of the Florida basker,

over the froth of the Firth of Forth,

Up from Tahiti and Madagascar,

Lo, the sun walks north.

The first bright day makes sing the slackers

While leaves explode like firecrackers,

The duck flies forth to greet the spring

And sweetly municipal pigeons sing.

Where the duck quacks, where the bird sings,

We will speak of past things.

Come out with your marbles, come out with your Croup,

The grass is as green as a Girl Scout troop;

In the Mall the stone acoustics stand

Like a listening ear for the Goldman band.

At an outside table, where the sun’s bright glare is,

We will speak of darkened Paris.

Meanwhile, like attendants who hasten the hoofs

Of the ponies who trot in the shadow of roofs,

The sun, in his running, will hasten the plan

Of plants and fishes, beast and man.

We’ll turn our eyes to the sogging ground

And guess if the earth is cracked or round.

Over the plans of the parties at strife,

Over the planes in the waiting north,

Over the average man and his wife,

Lo, the sun walks forth!

– Robert Lax


2 thoughts on “Greetings to Spring (Not without Trepidation), by Robert Lax

  1. Well, he certainly has included the myriad ways that spring affects us, yes? I love the grass green as a girl scout troop, and that the sun walks forth over everyone, indiscriminate in its blessing. The ironic tongue-in-cheek tone of this poem just tickles me !

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