Goodbye Terry Pratchett

So sad to lose Terry Pratchett…here’s a great story Neil Gaiman tells about him.


On Tuesday morning, I was telling my best friend about going to see Neil Gaiman the day before. I told him that he talked about Terry having Alzheimer’s and I got the impression that Terry didn’t have long to live. I told him, it was something about the way Neil paused, not looking up, and there was a kinetic emotion that I experienced in the crowd. I can’t speak for Neil or how he was feeling at that moment, but in my mind, there was a great sadness. I felt it myself. I was not surprised when his passing was announced today, because I already had the impression it was coming soon. For that, I say thank you to Neil for softening the blow today.

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye Terry Pratchett

  1. The world is a colder place without Terry Pratchett, his warm wit made the world a friendlier less frightening place. I have loved his books for years, and loved introducing them to my children, who also love them. My favorite book of his is “Small Gods”, such a . . . human story full of big ideas and . . .humor! At least we will still have the company of his books, and the changes he made in the way we look at the world. Not a bad legacy!

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