The Lights at Niagara Falls

I recently traveled to Niagara Falls with a friend, and went to the Canadian side (because I’m Canadian now*). We arrived late at night and I was immediately struck by the lights.  Niagara Falls was a confusing place to me, this weird juxtaposition of natural beauty and…casinos.



I want to share more of the natural wonder soon, but I thought I’d show this commercial touristy aspect (what I experienced of it anyway, which was not much) today. The blinding lights!




The park has been lighting the falls since 1925.

“Currently a total of twenty-one xenon lights, each with a 76-cm (30 in) diameter, are used to illuminate the Falls in a rainbow of colours. Eighteen are located at the Illumination Tower, beside the Queen Victoria Place and three are located below street level in the gorge opposite the American Falls. Each of the xenon spotlights produces more than 390 million peak beam and has a brilliance of 250 million candlepower.” Niagara Parks


These lights change colours every few minutes.



The mist from the falls and a light drizzle made interesting patterns on my lens!



Welcome to Niagara Falls!

*I’ve been officially dubbed an honorary Canadian by two Canadians, it’s awesome.  I got my Canadian mittens, a little Canadian flag, a desktop curling set, a moose, and a pint of maple syrup.


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