Short Eared Owls (and Northern Harriers, and a Snowy Owl)

The other day, I received a notice that someone had seen a snowy owl about 45 minutes away. That evening, after work, a friend and I peeled out in search of the owl.  I hadn’t seen one since the previous winter, and I was excited (and pretty annoying, I’m afraid).  My friend, luckily, has angelic patience and was able to tolerate me shouting in his ear, “Over there!” and “Follow that bird!” as he drove his poor old car around in circles on gravel and over snow banks.  (Also, “SQUEE!” when we saw a bird.)

Well, this is the only view of the snowy we got…


Luckily, the internet is full of beautiful photos of those guys. 🙂

But! We were rewarded by the swooping antics of two short-eared owls. They were quite spectacular and we returned the following evening to admire them again.  On the second night, they were joined by two northern harriers (and a gorgeous sunset). I didn’t get any great photos, but I thought I would share what I did get, just because I am SO excited about these birds. 🙂

Short eared owl catching prey…

And flying…

One of my best SE Owl photos.

Against the Lake.

Beautiful skies.

I believe this is two SE owls and a Northern Harrier. They were all swooping around together…incredible!

Northern Harrier…a life bird!

My best photo of the Harriers, sadly.

SE owl in the dusk.

DSC_0505 (2)
In the sunset

This cute little guy perched here for the better part of an hour, chirping periodically. I like the deer too…”what’s all the fuss about?”

There were a TON of deer. My friend counted 64 in one corner of the field.

Most of the time, he kept his back to us, though.

Golden sunset.


Have to finish with the SE Owls.

Sorry the photos aren’t better! I just get excited by cool birds.


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