Other birds of Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

Tree swallows are pretty. Aside from the Tree Swallows, there were a lot of other beautiful birds at the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, including a lot of ducks.  These photos are not very good, but they’ll give you an idea of the diversity there! Purple Martins, male and female I love how weird the wiggly butt […]

Nest Box Battles

And beautiful tree swallows! These two beautiful birds were guarding the nest box. I’m not sure if they had eggs in there or whether they planned to have eggs in there, but competition was fierce! Bring it. The first contender… Battling off birds… Looking fabulous. Yeah, buzz off! HAHAHAHA Welcome to the jungle, do do […]

The Great Salamander Meander 2015

Last year we tried to go out on the night of the Great Salamander Meander, but we only caught the vanguard.  This year we managed to go out on the perfect night to watch hundreds of salamanders moving from the forest to the river.  Sometimes we give them a hand to help them safely cross […]