Turkey Vulture Acrobatics

I know that most people do not consider vultures to be beautiful animals, but I find their aerial acrobatics to be breathtaking.  One morning, a few years back, I was running down a trail toward a cotton candy sunrise and, as the sun broke over the horizon, a whole handful of vultures erupted from a tree in the distance.  It was an incredibly windy day and they were caught up like leaves on the wind, swirling and weaving amongst each other.  They looked to me just like ballerinas in a sky ballet with a pink and lavender backdrop…it’s an analogy I’m sure they are not accustomed to.

But maybe it’s high time* we started acknowledging their beauty!








*Pun intended


4 thoughts on “Turkey Vulture Acrobatics

  1. I love them–despite their faces and carrion habits, which so many people consider unattractive. They can soar and drift like crazy and are marvelous to watch. Also very social creatures–we watch them hang out together in a field or when roosting, and they seem to have a complex form of interaction in their small flocks.

    Nice shots!

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