The art of snow rolling, illustrated by Rascal

NB: This was a couple of weeks ago…things are starting to thaw out now, though there is still a decent amount of snow and ice lingering around.  I believe these photos were taken by my hiking buddy, because I had long since lost the feeling in my hands.  His hands are always warm, the jerk.  Oh well, cold hands have their advantages…like pastry making.  Anyway, all images copyright Eric Allen.

“Here’s a lesson in snow rolling for all you novices out there. I’ve been rolling in the snow for six years, so I’m an expert.”

“This snow is a little frozen, so it’s not the best for rolling, but you can still have fun.”

“It’s good to really get some aggressive flipping in there.”

“You can also stretch…”

“And slide around a little bit.”

“And it’s always good to get your butt in the air.”

“And stretch…”

“This is an expert move…not for beginners!”

“And then surprise attack your human!!!”



4 thoughts on “The art of snow rolling, illustrated by Rascal

  1. Ah yes it is indeed an art form. My cockapoo Brad likes to add a multimedia effect by rolling in snow that is covered in thawing crabapples which creates a paper mache like substance to adorn his large winter coat.

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