Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus)

Out on the night of the Great Salamander Meander this year, we spotted quite a few frogs moving from the forest to the river as well.  Despite the great variety in the coloration of these frogs, I believe they are all representatives of the species Lithobates sylvaticus (the wood frog). Let me know if you know otherwise!  Herpetology is a difficult art…


This is the state amphibian of New York state!  (Bet you didn’t know that.)


I love it when frogs just snuggle into my hand.  It was quite cold that night, so he was probably after my warmth, but…I’ll take it!


Wood frogs are famous for their freeze tolerance.  According to Wikipedia, ” wood frogs can tolerate the freezing of their blood and other tissues. Urea is accumulated in tissues in preparation for overwintering, and liver glycogen is converted in large quantities to glucose in response to internal ice formation. Both urea and glucose act as cryoprotectants to limit the amount of ice that forms and to reduce osmotic shrinkage of cells. Frogs can survive many freeze/thaw events during winter if no more than about 65% of the total body water freezes.”


They also have pretty great camouflage.


Similar to our friends, the salamanders, the wood frog often breeds in ephemeral vernal ponds.





10 thoughts on “Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus)

  1. Two things learnt today: (1) Frogs don’t feel pain when you touch them (because they are cold-blooded and humans are hot-blooded), as my parents plainly fibbed to me when I was small and (2) there are State Amphibians. Fantastic – are there State Reptiles (other than in governmental posts?). State Bats? Spiders? Where does it end? RH

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