The Bumble Flower Beetle, Euphoria inda

This charismatic beetle can be seen on the first, early warm days of spring.  It buzzes low to the ground and sounds and looks like a bumblebee.  People often mistake it for one!  A bee-mimicking beetle!  My excellent friend, who is a great entomologist, caught the beetle bare handed and brought it home with us in her shirt so that I could photograph it. (As all good entomologists do…I once caught one of these beetles on a run.)

I think they’re beautiful!






Look at those beautiful colours!


5 thoughts on “The Bumble Flower Beetle, Euphoria inda

  1. It looks similar to what we have as chafers over here. Most are shiny and can have beautiful iridescent wing covers but I’ve also seen some very hairy ones but not quite as furry as this one. Amelia

  2. Cute! I have never noticed these. Will have to look more closely at bees vs “bees”…though this week, I am dismayed at how many carpenter bees are droning around my (wooden) house.

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