Fun links to share

This article on Scrub Jay evolution is a little misguided…speciation requires some sort of isolation but it’s not necessarily geographic isolation.  It can also be reproductive isolation, for example.  And sympatric speciation (the kind described in the article), isn’t that weird.  It’s just less common than allopatric speciation.  Still, a fun and interesting phenomenon to observe!

Coordinated bark lice!  Insects are the coolest!

The ocean is an alien world that we’ve barely begun to explore…these pyrosomes are something out of a sci fi novel!

Glass frogs are awesome…I found some when I was in Costa Rica.  According to the trip prof, they’re the only animals he knows of where “bone colour” can be used as an identifying feature in the field guide.  This one looks like kermit to someone.

A glass frog (Cochranella albomaculata) is a very exciting find!

A glass frog (Cochranella albomaculata) is a very exciting find!

The amazing power of counter current exchange… and a warm bodied fish?  So maybe this isn’t the first fish to exhibit some degree of behavioural or physiological endothermy, but it’s as cool find!  Or a warm find!  Anyway…it’s a find!

I don’t know why, but I find these to be so hilarious:

Also hilarious (albeit a little weird)?  This essay on Pinterest:


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