Slender leafy spurge, Euphorbia virgata

I just thought I should share this cool plant…I didn’t see any individuals in my orchards last year, but I found some in a wet orchard in the Hudson Valley this year.  It’s invasive, but neat looking!  Sometimes flowers don’t really look like flowers.  Just for reference, this plant is in the same family as those Christmas Poinsettias.




10 thoughts on “Slender leafy spurge, Euphorbia virgata

      • I have Euphorbia marginata —
        Snow-On-The-Mountain — in my garden. It appeared out of nowhere, either from a packet of wildflower seeds or on the wind, and has been here for a number of years. It seeds freely and comes back every spring. It’s pretty slow growing, but its worth it in the end! I’ve tried setting my Christmas pointsettias in the ground, but they don’t do much.

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