Glorious Solitary Bee Video


6 thoughts on “Glorious Solitary Bee Video

  1. Excellent video. Does Anthidium manicatum actually kill other bees? I have seen them being very aggressive towards other bees and they are not gentle with the females either but I have not seen them killing other bees. Another picky point was that at the end it looked as if the red mason bee came out in spring to nectar on a chestnut tree that does not flower before the end of June in the U.K. It would have been nice also to have shown more of the diversity of wild bees rather than concentrating on the red mason bee that is relatively well known but now perhaps I’m getting really picky. Amelia

    • There are certainly a lot of ways in which the video could have been improved, but I can see why they focus on the Osmia…they’re just easier to video and photograph! There has been no small amount of discussion about the violent tendencies of Anthidium on the list serve of late, with differing opinions. Some are reporting lethal attacks…others deny it.

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