White House Pollinator Health Task Force Announcement

Yes, it’s true, the White House has finally acknowledged the importance of pollinators by designating a task force to look into pollinator health.  Though of course broadly focused on honeybee health, this is a win for pollinators in general in my book.

It was not without its controversy in my pollinator people circles and list serves. It was criticized largely for ignoring the impacts of pesticides outright.  Well, yes, and I can understand why. It seems like it would have caused an uproar in the agroindustry world.  Better to have a non-threatening announcement like this.

It’s a step in the right direction.

But, anyway, I’d much rather leave it up to Sam Droege, who was famously quoted as saying:

“I have to say that it is mighty darn lovely having the White House acknowledge the indigenous, unpaid and invisible workforce that somehow has managed to sustain all terrestrial life without health-care subsidies, or a single COLA, for that past 250 million years,” said Sam Droege, a U.S. Geological Survey wildlife biologist and one of the country’s foremost experts on native bee identification.”

I love Sam.

Anyway, Thanks Obama!


2 thoughts on “White House Pollinator Health Task Force Announcement

  1. Really? The sixth mass extinction on Earth has officially begun and people still won’t admit that we ought to be in a state of emergency. Heart breaking.

    • Very true…I find it somehow comforting to remember that life on Earth will go on after humans wipe themselves out? Just not the lovely diversity we have now. But life itself is persistent…

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